Host Familes & Walkers

Host Familes & Walkers

The Woof Gang want only the best kind of person to work with us and join our pet loving super duper family!

All our members are incredibly exceptional and selfless people. They are carefully chosen after a process that includes interviews, inspections and will need to prove that they have the necessary experience.

Whether they be retired, home working, or stay at home families, all of our walkers and sitters are crazy about pets, all of them have owned a cat or a dog, and almost all of them still have pets. We provide people all the benefits of having a pet but without the full time emotional (and financial!) commitment.

Working with The Woof Gang as a walker or sitter allows people to meet, love and care for an array of different breeds that suit them and their lifestyle -  what makes it perfect is that you will get paid for doing something that you will love.

As a sitter or a walker all you will need to do is look after your visitor, yes that’s all! We will do all of the heavy lifting, you will not have to deal with money, customers, insurance or paperwork.

If you think you might be interested in a career in pet sitting, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

You can also join our Woof Gang Family as a Brand Ambassador for our Boutique branch.


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